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The Golden Content Distribution strategy

Thanks to Gary Vee and The guys at Zero Media, you now know that content is an absolute must. Now the question is, how do you make so much content for so many different platforms. The beauty of cross-content distribution, aka The Golden Strategy, is the solution.
It’s not easy posting regularly on so many different platforms, but this strategy gives you the edge you need to speed things up and keep your message concise. The strategy is simple and to the point. Listed below is the step by step breakdown of the golden strategy.

Step 1: Record a Video

Start with Recording a video. When recording a video, it’s important to keep in mind it’s a clean recording and high-quality sound as we will be using it later.

Step 2: Post Produce the Video

Post-produce the video and upload it to the following platform, Facebook and YouTube. Make sure you write the appropriate description for each platform.

Step 3: Share the Video

Share the video on the following platform; Share the video on Linkedin & Twitter. Once again, make sure you write the appropriate caption for each platform and use the right hashtags.

Step 4: Snip the Video

Snip the video into shorter bites and upload it to the following platforms: Tiktok, Instagram TV, or Instagram reels.

Step 5: Split the Audio

Split the audio and produce it as a podcast and upload it on to the podcasting platform, including but not limited to the following platforms.

You can use a podcasting hosting service like sounder.fm to share it across all platform at once.

Step 6: Transcribe your video

Transcribe your video into an article and post it to medium and your site blog. Share the blog on the following platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter and;
  • Linkedin

Step 7: Screen Grab

Take a screengrab from the video and post it on Instagram. Accompanied by the summary information and refer the audience to the full video on YouTube. i.e. link in bio.

Parting Notes:

In short; Videos are king. Be sure always to format the content to fit the desired platform. You can always repurpose your old content. The key here is consistency in this content strategy.

And You are done! Happy Creating!

Good luck with your Digital Marketing Journey.

Aneeqe A. Khan  – Zero Media X

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Aneeqe A. Khan
My name is Aneeqe A. Khan, I often help people and businesses reach their goals… Mostly in the digital landscape. The lovely people call me a Marketing, Technology and even a productivity specialist, But i like to think of my self as, well! A creative solutionist.
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