ZERO Media is a full-scale marketing agency. We offer a range of marketing services that nurture and develop concepts, Providing YOU with a Creative SOLUTION. Our Mission… To champion new and innovative ideas, so we can understand and support our clients.



Your business' website is your best sales pitch. It's more than just a pretty picture - We design dazzling, interactive and functional websites to give you the edge.

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Viral growth; we don’t take this term lightly, we are talking about all hands on deck. Applying and executing every single digital marketing strategy in the book. We are talking about a complete package, including but not limited to optimising the website, SEO’s, Social Media and all google business platforms. We are talking about defining your online presence.


We work in today’s mobile landscape: We take you where your customers are spending most of their time; the social networks. We encompass in-depth campaigns to reach and define your clients. Our complete social media management service includes setting up your social media platforms, creating, running paid advertisements campaigns and delivering content, monitoring your accounts. Learn More


We have all heard the saying "an image is worth a thousand words." If that's true, just think what impact a Video could make. Whether it’s high-Grade product photos or a professional Video, We are the complete content shop.


A one-stop-shop for eCommerce business. We've partnered with Shopify to bring you a complex eCommerce platform structure across the board. Marketing, shop set up, the required integrations for absolute optimisation for customer experience, automation and marketing enhancements. Learn More


We did tell you we weren’t just another marketing company; Got an idea... Let's grab a coffee & collaborate. A film, Artistic direction, Event, Photoshoot, Business Idea or an App? Let’s talk we would love to help and connect. We are focused on supporting and building a network of unique individuals and brands.

Our Other Services Include: