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How to Effectively improve conversion rates

When we talk about conversion rate the most important thing to understand is; how conversion rate is calculated. The Answer to that is, the conversion rate is simply calculated by taking the number of sales conversions and dividing it by the number of total website interactions. Why conversion rate is important, you ask? Well, the answer is simply; more you convert more money you make and scale your business. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the 5 most effective ways you can improve your website & eCommerce conversion rate. 

1. Reduce the number of steps in the conversion process.

You can simply reverse-engineer the customer journey and find out where your customers are bouncing. If there is a step where you find that your customers are falling off, you may want to consider removing that particular step.

2. Address your top conversion blockers.

Conversion blockers are things that are stopping your customers from completing the conversion journey. The conversion blockers can often be addressed by implementing the following items.

  • Implement a FAQ page.
  • Improve product & website copy.
  • Implement a live chat function.
  • Add a phone number on your website.

3. Improve website speed.

This should be the first item anyone should be addressing, as web site speed is a direct contributor to a low conversion rate. You can use PageSpeed Insights to find out how you can improve your site speed.

4. Implement a benefits bar.

Although I am not sure what the global improvement rates are from implementing a benefits bar, I personally found a 6-8% improvement by implementing a benefits bar, listing things like Free delivery, Secure payment &  Fast delivery.

5. Implement high-quality images & Video.

According to an article published by databox.com, High-quality images are one of the key factors to an improved conversion rate.

conversion rate

conversion rate

In conclusion, The key here is to not complicate things, you want to focus on your customer experience. Keep your web design simple and elegant. After all, when it comes down to it, no customer ever went to a site and said this site is great has a ton of backlinks, I am going to give them my business.

Good luck on your Digital Marketing journey.

Aneeqe A. Khan


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Aneeqe A. Khan
My name is Aneeqe A. Khan, I often help people and businesses reach their goals… Mostly in the digital landscape. The lovely people call me a Marketing, Technology and even a productivity specialist, But i like to think of my self as, well! A creative solutionist.
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